In this era of digitization, it is essential for businesses to adopt and adapt to digital documents for enhanced productivity. Managing print copies of hundreds of invoices and receipts among other things can be a cumbersome and expensive process. Document conversion is an effective and affordable strategy to manage documents in one place. SSS takes the burden of managing conversion of documents from one format to another.

We have a team of professionals highly specialized in data handling & data processing services. Our expertise lies in designing the best and most efficient system for accurate and meaningful reports/analysis . We have had opportunity to work upon following functional areas during last 30 years.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing involves salary calculations based upon attendance, preparation of salary slip & pay checks/NEFT payment, Remittance of dues to Government such as Profession Tax, ESIC, PF , Income Tax etc. Filing of statutory returns and maintaining records for labour compliances . It also calculates reimbursements, bonuses, ex-gratia , overtime and holiday pay. Entire data is password protected for secrecy purpose.

Examination Results Processing

SSS helps universities and schools in declaring result by capturing marks obtained by students in each subject and using criterion laid down by the institutions for passing a student. It also seeks to prepare merit list on overall basis and subject wise as well. Result is auto e-mailed to the students. SSS uses maker/checker concept for creating the marks ensuring correctness of the result.

Structured Analysis of Training Feedback Forms

SSS possesses expertise in preparation of Pie charts/Histograms based upon the Feedback received from the attendees on numerous parameters . Structured reports are utilized to give feedback to the trainer for improvement and incorporation of suggestions. In competitive business environment ,feedback provides an opportunity for improvements.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Profiling

A regular customized employee satisfaction survey ( Yearly or six monthly ) is a trademark of high-performing companies. Survey Design & Analysis can help you monitor the employee satisfaction at your company, providing meaningful results to help run your business. The survey can be done digitally or thru hard copies . Hard copies responses will require fresh data entriy.

Pin Code Fixing

Empty Pin code results either in wrong delivery or return of the article proving to be wasteful expenses. Pin Code fixing involves identifying of pin code based upon the area and city appearing in the address and retrieving correct pin code using internet & adding it into the address.

Mail / Merge Reports/Printing

SSS helps organizations to create personalized letters and pre-addressed envelopes for mailing labels for mass mailings from a pre-defined form letter and data provided in as xls file. Reports/Letters so generated can be hard printed or emailed.

Maintenance of Member’s Database

Members data base is maintained with facility to generate variety of reports on multitude of parameters specific to type of database e.g Club members- Business, Social, Sports , Holiday, NGO and the like. At the request information is updated ,added or deleted. Communication Facility of mass emailing is provided by way of email and hard copies. Since database maintenance requires expertise, in house maintenance can be costly. Outsourcing to SSS results in substantial cost saving and continuity of services.

Reformatting of Addresses

SSS provides facility of splitting the address into multiple address lines of specified length and pin code for label printing, formatted mail/merge operation. Advantage lies that the word is not splitted among across the address lines. Pin code into different filed facilitates mailing /couriering process.

Reconciliation Of Records

SSS has years of expertise in reconciliation of records using software that points out the discrepancy between the source data and target data. Discrepancies can be sorted out or auctioned depending upon their nature. In absence of suitable packaged software, organizations go thru time consuming comparison of data resulting in cost escalation and expanded time lines.

Conversion of Existing Data into SAP Compatible template

Implementation of SAP system requires migration of existing data into new template and adding enormous additional information. Doing manually is prone to errors besides being costly and time consuming. After studying requirement, SSS develops specialized software to convert existing data into SAP data with manual intervention wherever required.

Patients Survey Analysis

Patient satisfaction surveys have gained increasing attention as meaningful and essential sources of information for identifying gaps and developing an effective action plan for quality improvement in healthcare organizations. SSS helps in identifying gaps for corrective measures.